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Are You a Church Planter?

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The church planting experience is challenging. We are committed to caring for our church planters and families. This care takes the form of:


We provide financial support for the church planter and family and help them raise additional salary support.

We want to put people into settings where they have the best opportunity for success. Ignite uses a variety of pre-assessment materials, behavioral interviews and an assessment center to help determine where a planter might best serve.

We have quality coaches in our system who have launched and grown new churches in Chicagoland and beyond. These coaches maintain regular contact with the planter, asking good questions and sharing wisdom to help guide the planter through the process of starting of a new church.

One of the benefits of planting in Chicagoland is the close proximity to other church planters. Every other month, Ignite planters gather together for mentoring, training and encouragement

Our Process

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Pre-Assessment Material
Application, Biographical Sketch, 13 Key Qualities of a Church Planter and an online assessment with Church Planter Profiles. Click here to start the process.

Interviews by IGNITE Staff and Assessment Team
After the initial assessment, interviews will be scheduled with IGNITE staff. Determination may be made at this time regarding potential areas for planting and the type of church which could be started.

Final Assessment
The candidate will go through a complete assessment center for final critique.

When this process is complete, and the individual is approved, this person will be hired to start a new church in Chicagoland.

After Being Hired
The planter will attend fundraising training and a boot camp prior to moving on-site.


A Proven Track Record
For 100 years, IGNITE (formerly known as the CDEA) has been starting churches across Chicagoland.

A Proven Success Rate
75% of the 27 churches started in the last 14 years are stable and continue to reach the unchurched and unconnected.

A Proven Adaptability
We recognize that different strategies reach different people groups. We continue to change and improve our methodology as we reach the diverse population of Chicagoland.

Our Vision
We are going to establish 10 church planting clusters across the region that will start one new church every 3 years. This movement will start 30 churches per decade and will continue to start more clusters through the new churches that are established. This will generate a multiplication movement of church planting across Chicagoland.

Do you…

  • Embrace new challenges?

  • Have a passion for the Harvest?

  • Think outside the box?

  • Enjoy spending time with the unchurched?

    … then you may be a church planter!

    If you have any questions or comments, contact Lance Hurley, Executive Director of Ignite Church Planting at (815.685.1939) or by email at .