Mission, Vision & Core Values

@ Ignite Church Planting

Ignite Church Planting:
Planting Churches across Chicagoland for over 100 years.

This picture is the Chicago Fire Academy which was built on the origination point of the fire of 1871. Ignite Church Planting exists to accelerate the spread of Jesus’ mission across Chicagoland by starting new churches. Ignite Church Planting is a church-planting ministry located in one of America's greatest population centers. Chicagoland and NW Indiana is home to 10 million people. It is estimated that almost 7 million people have no relationship with Jesus or his church. Ignite will change that reality by starting new churches.

Our Mission, Vision, Core Values

Accelerating Jesus' mission by starting churches.

Start 10 church-planting clusters across the region that will produce one church every three years.

  • Creating a movement of planting by developing key partnerships.
  • Caring for our church planting leaders.
  • Growing a prayer ministry that focuses our effort and seeks God’s heart.
  • Embracing innovation to bring Jesus to more people.
(download 'Why We Exist' - .pdf)