City of Oregon

This town is the county seat of Ogle County. Let’s pray for the people of Oregon and surrounding towns as RiverStone launches on March 20th.

Church Building

This is RiverStone’s ministry center and meeting space. Pray that it will be used as a tool to reach many for Jesus in the region.

Craig, Sarah and Norah Arnold

Craig and Sarah are the church planters for RiverStone. Please pray for them as they lead this new church.

Church Planter Craig Arnold

Pray for Craig as he prepares messages that will point people to Jesus each week.

Worship Leader Needed

We are currently looking for the person who will be the music leader for the new church. Please be praying for God to bring this person before the launch of the church.

Young Children

There will be families with young children coming to the church. Ask God to prepare the hearts of those who will be caring for these little ones.

Children's Ministry Area

Here is where the weekly children’s worship service will take place. RiverKids will be a place where children can find a relationship with Jesus. Be praying for the songs, prayers and teaching that will take place here each week.


After their service, the children will split into age-appropriate classes. Be praying for the teachers who will be instructing the children each week.

Receptivity of People

I’d like you to pray for the people who will be receiving the direct mail cards that are going out starting this week. Please pray for receptivity and that God will fill this now empty auditorium with people who are hungry to hear about Jesus.

Chamber of Commerce

The church has been working with the Oregon Chamber of Commerce. We want to pray for this partnership to continue to grow and develop.

Downtown Oregon

Pray for the town of Oregon as the word about the new church continues to spread through the area. Ask God to bring the people he has been drawing toward a relationship with his Son.

Riverstone Christian Church

"Building Hope Together"